Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI)

Microsoft® Windows is fast becoming the preferred platform for computer- telephony applications. Not only is it open, scalable and extendible, it is the only operating system family that you can buy with built-in telephony support. Windows TAPI lets developers create easy-to-use telephony applications for Windows-based PCs and LANs. NEC supports a broad range of Microsoft TAPI features, with two advanced interfaces: TAPI Link and PC Telephony Adapter. Together these interfaces integrate computers and telephones right at the user's desktop, delivering PC Telephony productivity throughout your organization. Windows applications can use TAPI features to provide the following PC Telephony features:

  • Automatic data lookup - screen pop
  • GUI telephone interface
  • Directory /address book dialing
  • Predictive/sequenced outbound dialing
  • Preview dialing
  • Speed dialing/transfer/call workflow/escalation
  • Caller identification
  • Call logging
  • Call screening
  • Intelligent call routing and queuing
  • Abandoned call detection
  • Auto rules based call forward/paging

Fusion Strategic Alliance

Program NEC's complete communications integration strategy, FUSION, links your company's computers and telephones for breakthrough productivity. FUSION empowers the information worker with advanced solutions for increasing revenue, slashing costs, enhancing delivery and improving service. Through FUSION, NEC continues to establish key strategic alliances to keep OAI at the forefront of computer/telephone integration.

New ways to utilize PC Telephony will continue to emerge. Below are listed some of the business areas that can benefit from PC Telephony:

  • Telemarketing and Sales
  • Account Collections
  • Sales/Order Entry
  • Reservations & Appointments
  • Financial Services
  • Service/Technical Support
  • Department Administration
  • Information Inquiries
  • Workforce Management
  • Help Desk
  • Directories, Contact Management
  • Telecommuting

So whether your needs are for individual user desktops, an internal help desk or a call center. CTI can deliver the promise of leveraging the integration of telephony and computing.

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