HOSPITALITY and Entertainment

Addressing the needs of resorts, hotels, vacation properties, and all other related members of the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality and Entertainment Industries continue to grow in complexity based upon technology and customer demand. Whether it is a small property or one with multiple sites providing guest accommodations with square footage larger than many houses, the growth has brought about a more demanding guest; one that expects to receive services that used to be found only in five-star properties. To meet these requirements, the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry has called upon NEC Unified Solutions to help fulfill its needs to meet its guests' expectations.

NEC’s solution for the Hospitality and Entertainment Industries provides a combination of leading products and services that address the needs of customers by delivering the following:
Reliable equipment proven to support the most demanding hospitality and entertainment environment

  • Comprehensive design and support services for your communications infrastructure

  • Easily managed central access point for multiple sites control

  • Robust features to meet ever-changing guests needs

  • Flexible configurations and applications to meet your business requirements

  • Latest technologies in wireless and messaging for enhanced productivity

At NEC Unified Solutions, we’ve been serving customers in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industries for years and have built a strong relationship with some of the most recognizable businesses based upon strong technology and outstanding support. The NEC Hospitality Solutions address the complete communications requirements needed to help your business remain competitive and your customers satisfied.

The NEC Hospitality Packages address the complete communications requirements to all the Hospitality businesses.

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