Companies are searching for solutions that will help them succeed in today's demanding business environments. They need innovative solutions that will help control and reduce operating costs, increase productivity, boost profits and deliver products and services more efficiently and more cost-effectively. In short, they need solutions that will strike the most productive balance between human and technology resources. Computer Telephone Integration, or CTI, represents the next frontier in technology solutions for meeting and exceeding these business challenges.

Helping companies do more with less is what CTI is all about. In this regard, NEC has established, first and foremost, the FUSION Integrated Environment. Built on any of the NEAX® communications platforms and a wide variety of third-party applications, the FUSION Integrated Environment cohesively integrates diverse hardware and software elements for advanced CTI functionality. Such an environment enables today's information worker to dramatically enhance the operation of their most commonly used business tools: the telephone and the personal computer.

Individual empowerment is a personal phenomenon that manifests itself throughout the entire organization, one workstation at a time. Through CTI applications (products that allow individuals in specific areas to excel in their daily tasks), FUSION enables businesses to realize their competitive market and profitability potential at dynamic new levels of operation.

NEC's NEAX family of telecommunications systems offers rich functionality and valuable benefits to today's information-driven businesses. By providing a range of open interfaces between external processors, such as mainframes and personal computers, with the internal processors of NEC's voice platforms, NEC brings control of telephony features and related call information right to the user's desktop.

Open Applications Interface (OAI)

OAI (Open Applications Interface) combines hardware and software to empower the user with robust and flexible computer/telephone integration. Application processors, or computers, can be linked in either UNIX or Windows® NT® server environments, empowering any Local Area Network (LAN) to provide unsurpassed access to innovative telephony features. OAI employs a standard protocol, which conforms to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model established by the International Standards Organization (ISO). In addition, because OAI supports current industry CTI standards, NEC's platforms offer a versatile, open architecture. Emerging technologies such as IP Telephony are easily supported and can be rapidly deployed with NEC's computer telephone connectivity solution, OAI. Industry standard CTI interfaces such as TAPI (Telephone Application Programming Interface) are supported via OAI.

Because OAI facilitates a two-way data interchange, it allows both the telephone and the computer to maximize powerfully integrated communications applications that can be designed and implemented by the customer, NEC, or through one of NEC's Fusion Strategic Alliances Partners. These powerful applications deliver departmental work group and personal productivity solutions throughout your organization.

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