The healthcare industry is comprised of many different types of healthcare businesses: large, multi-site hospital systems, single physician practices, skilled nursing or other extend care facilities or small rural hospitals, just to name a few. It is a market that accounts for nearly 40,000 business locations and a trillion dollars of the of the U.S. economy. For as widely diverse as this market is, all healthcare providers have several key business issues that impact their overall operations:

  • Delivering high quality care and services
  • Operating under a barrage of regulations and third party intervention
  • Meeting patients needs while maintaining profitability

To successfully compete in spite of these challenges, facilities consistently seek ways in which to improve the financial structure of their operations. One way is by improving communications. To accomplish this they must address numerous communications needs:

  • Improve interdisciplinary team communications
  • Create organized, efficient facility operators
  • Build and strengthening patient satisfaction
  • Empower staff mobility
  • Enhance facility-wide communications

Nowhere is it more important for information and communications to be freely accessed and shared then in a healthcare environment. Here, much more than a bottom line is at stake. Misinformation and inefficiency can put lives at risk. NEC solutions help facilitate effective communications at every critical point of contact throughout a facility. We help link medical professionals with their support teams, on-site staff with remote clinic-based or remote colleagues and administrators to the overall facility-wide channels of communication.

Healthcare businesses require specialized solutions that match these communication needs. NEC has a long history of delivering communications solutions to facilities across the entire healthcare continuum. While facilities support the clinical and administrative needs of their patients, professionals and staff, NEC is there with a robust suite of communications solutions. Even in the most diverse healthcare settings NEC brings technology and people together to enhance patient care delivery and the workplace environment.

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